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Apr 28, 2015 Book Clubs

Discussion Questions for

  • The novel alternates between the eighteenth century and the present time. Does this enhance the storytelling? How do the historical passages shed new light on the contemporary story?
  • Toward the beginning of the novel, Addie says of Shire Architecture Salvage, “For every item we were a second chance for some kind of life.” How does the salvage shop represent the Shire family, past and present? Why do Grace and Addie gravitate toward this business?
  • Why didn’t Addie tell Scott about her past? Was she right to keep it from him? How might their relationship have changed if she’d been open about her family early on?
  • Graces tells Addie, “I’ll smash this life to bits. No Shire woman gets a free ride.” Do you think she’s justified in demanding that Addie step in? Are we bonded to our family even if they’ve caused us pain?
  • How is Grace different from Addie? Why does she believe she failed her family—and why does she think Addie can prevail?
  • The characters create their own modern-day witch bottles, filling them with their hopes and dream. What would you put in your witch bottle?
  • Was Scott’s interfering in Carrie’s custody warranted? What would you have done in his situation? What about in Addie’s or Janet’s case?
  • Do you think the curse was real? And has it been broken now that Addie and Janet have mended their relationship?
  • Do you think one’s centuries-old family history can affect future generations? How so?
  • What do you make of the ending? How do you see the story continuing?



Download ReaderAT THE CORNER OF KING STREET Reader’s Guide Word Document

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Apr 28, 2015 Book Clubs

Discussion Questions for

  • Why do you think Jenna hide her box of recipes in the wall at the bakery?  Do you think she sensed her life was about to take an unwanted turn?
  • What is family?  Are genetics necessary to make a ‘real’ family?
  • Why do you think Jenna’s spirit lingered at the Union Street Bakery?
  • What do you think of the relationship between Daisy, Rachel and Margaret?  How have the sisters changed and grown since Daisy’s return home?
  • What do you think has a stronger impact on a child’s life—nature or nurture?
  • Do you think Rachel and Jean-Paul will make it as a couple or would she be happier with Simon?
  • What do you think it was right of Walter’s adoptive parents to keep his adoption a secret from him?
  • Are Terry and Daisy on the road to some kind of reconciliation?

Download SWEET EXPECTATIONS Reader’s Guide PDF

Download SWEET EXPECTATIONS Reader’s Guide Word Document

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