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May 14, 2015 History and Lore

On Witch Bottles and How They’re Made

On Witch Bottles and How They’re Made


AtCornerKingStreet_150The first mention of Witch Bottles in AT THE CORNER OF KING STREET . . .

“Didn’t the indentured servants get their freedom after seven years?”
“If they survived. Most didn’t survive the indenture. In fact, only about ten percent got out of bondage with freedom and land.”
“They came from England?”
“Scotland, a little from Ireland. Which would fit with the mention of Faith and the witch bottles. The Scots and Brits burned their share of witches back in the day. I think the answer to our mystery might lie with the McDonald family.”


Mary Ellen Taylor AT THE CORNER OF KING STREET image witch bottle from Wikipedia publicMaking A Witch or Wish Bottle

1 large bottle with lid
1 smaller bottle with lid that fits in larger bottle

Items That Might be Included in a Wish Bottle
Crystals, shiny buttons or pieces of mirror (to hold the light and good energy)
Safety pins or nails (to repel bad energy)
Flower Petals
Heart shaped buttons
Locks of hair
Sea Salt
Spices such as cinnamon, allspice and cayenne
Essential oils such as peppermint, lemon or lavender
Paper with your good intentions written down in pencil
Anything symbolizing the wish

Witch bottles are some of the oldest form of magic that reached a heyday in the sixteen and seventeenth centuries. They were used to protect the home against troublesome spirits by warding off evil. Most witch bottles were buried near the hearth or the front door of the home because it was believed evil swept down the chimney or through the front door. Once the bottles were buried, they protected the property from the dark forces that seemed constant hundreds of years ago. Today, the witch bottle has morphed into a wish bottle and is used to create good luck or reaffirm positive intentions.

A witch or wish bottle is a jar or some kind of breakable container used to contain bits and baubles assembled to create good intentions or protect against negative energy. When possible, they are made  at the full moon when energy is considered most potent. The smaller bottle is filled with all the ingredients the creator deems perfect for his/her bottle. The bottle is sealed and placed in the larger bottle. This bottle is filled with water or wine and then sealed. The outside of the bottle may be decorated with paints, mirrors or anything that appeals. Remember these are very personal and no two should be alike.

Once the bottle is sealed, it’s owner holds it in his/her hands and says, “Healings, blessings and good fortune.” The bottle is buried as is traditional, near the front door or hearth, or as most non-believers will, displayed in a special part of the home. It’s important that it be in a safe place because if the bottle is broken so is the spell.

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